Vicon Nexus

Depending on the factors of interest throughout the data collecting process, biomechanical studies can be carried out utilizing a single device or a variety of them. The objective of the research and the questions that must be answered will determine the sort of equipment employed. Researchers in biomechanics frequently employ three-dimensional (3D) movement analysis to measure movement during gait analysis, sport performance, or equipment design, to mention a few.

Standard or high-speed video cameras or specifically created cameras that can follow marker trajectories in three dimensions can both be used for three-dimensional movement analysis (i.e. passive opto-reflective or active motion capture systems). Two cameras are required at the very least to analyze motions in three dimensions, but more cameras are advised to increase your motion capture volume.

Vicon hardware, along with Nexus motion capture software, provides a comprehensive biomechanical means to capture 3D motion data. In combination with various peripheral devices that are frequently employed in sophisticated human motion research, the hardware enables data to be gathered (e.g. EMG, force plates). These auxiliary devices may be combined with and gathered simultaneously with 3D motion data using the software’s user-friendly interface.

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