Automation with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Funding type: ESF

Duration: 03/05/2021 – 03/05/2022

Automation technology is a constantly evolving field with a wide range of applications in plant engineering and special machine construction. This course offers an introduction to modern automation technology with a special focus on programmable logic controllers. In addition to an introduction to various programming languages and bus systems, the course offers an insight into control with automation systems and networking with higher-level information systems via OPC-UA or ADS. The TwinCAT 3 development environment from Beckhoff will be introduced to deepen the learning content. Self-programmed PLC programs and visualizations will be tested both on your own laptop, using TwinCAT 3 Soft PLC Runtime, and on dedicated Beckhoff Industrial PCs. The latter are connected to a learning factory, which converts the PLC programs into real motion sequences.

Photography: credits NOI Techpark/Daniele Fiorentino