TIAGo++ is a human-like bimanual mobile robot designed for research in indoor environments. It consists of a differential mobile base, a lifting torso, two 7 DoF arms (plus the respective grippers), and a 2 DoF (pan-tilt) head. It also counts on an RGB-D camera in its head, a laser rangefinder in its base front, three rear sonars, IMUs, stereo microphones, speakers and motor current and force/torque sensors, allowing the robot to interact with humans and with the environment in many different ways. The onboard computer is fully programmable and runs Ubuntu and ROS, giving access to the user to many tools and libraries publicly available developed by the community, as well as to a number of tools developed by the manufacturer, PAL Robotics (e.g., whole body control). These libraries and packages include, among others, functionalities related to perception, navigation, manipulation, human-robot interaction, AI and motion planning. The robot also counts on a URDF model than can be used in different simulators in order to test the system in a safe environment, and on a set of online tutorials on how to get started and make use of the different functionalities of the robot together with ROS. Since it relies on ROS, the robot can be directly programmed in C++, Python and Lisp, and wrappers to libraries in other languages can be also built.