Laboratory experiences for Schools

Welcome to the Laboratory of “Human Centered Technology and Machine Intelligence” at the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano. We offer hands-on lab experiences where highschool students can learn about specific technology topics. These events are offered in English.

Sensing the motion: An introduction to MoCap technology

Max showing the Vicon System

The Motion Capture lab project is aimed at a small group of highschool students with a strong passion for technology, robotics and automation.

In this hands-on lab experience, students will learn fundamental concepts about 3D rigid bodies and other motion capture-related notions. Moreover they will apply them in combination with our Vicon Nexus motion tracking system. This system is based on several infrared cameras that can capture the position, velocity and acceleration of a moving body in real time.

This laboratory will be an interactive way to learn basic robotics concepts such as geometry of rigid bodies and triangulation, as well as how to conduct a lab experiment. With our help, students will define a simplified human model by applying infrared markers to their body and then track, record and analyze their movements in free space.

The experience will be in the A1 building at the NOI Tech Park and has a duration of approximately 3 hours. If interested, please fill out the following form: